Our year here at MVBC is off to a great start and the Lord has been doing a mighty work. The theme for this year is “Seeking the Shepherd”, as we desire for everyone here to draw closer to the Lord than ever before.

The church choir has been a great blessing to us each week by singing Christ honoring songs with great talent and passion. It’s amazing to see our choir growing in talent and ability, truly inspirational!

It is also a tremendous blessing that by faith we are currently supporting 35 of the best missionaries in the whole world. We not only support them financially but pray for our missionaries diligently, and read a prayer letter from one of them each Sunday morning.

On Sunday mornings for the month of January we read prayer letters and prayed for: Kevin Wynne and Family in Mexico City, Kyle Sheridan and Family in Chile, Rafael Gomez and Family in Colombia, and Kounaro Keo and Family in Cambodia. What an honor to partner with such great missionaries!

Also, it was a great blessing for us to have Missionary Kyle Sheridan and his family with us here at MVBC this month as well. They have done such a great job getting a church established there in Chile. We pray that they will quickly increase their support level to 100% while on furlough.

Average Sunday morning attendance for January: 145

Average Sunday morning Church Bus riders for January: 17

Gospel Tracts handed out in January: 425