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A Fast Food God…

by Daren Dilts

Does God Serve Fast Food? We have become a fast food society. In fact, it is now against the law to talk on the phone and drive, but you can wolf down an In & Out and drive legally…what’s up with that? Read on…

Those Poor Rich People

by Daren Dilts

It is ironic how some men greatly desire to leave a lasting impression, but refuse to lay hold on eternal life. Men will name their companies, ranches and properties, even their ministries after themselves, and even write their own autobiography in order to secure some sense of immortality.

Fair Weather Faith

by Daren Dilts

Do you serve the Lord because it is to your advantage, or because He is God? If the Lord were to remove His hand of blessing from you, would you continue to serve Him because of your convictions?

Setting Goals

by Daren Dilts

Goals are something almost everyone considers from time to time. If you think about it, even Jesus had a goal. What does the Bible say about setting goals?

When It Rains In My Soul

by Daren Dilts

Not every day is full of sunshine. Even when it is, there are days when inside our souls the rain falls without any sign of slowing….yet God…