Meet Our Staff

Daren Dilts

Senior Pastor
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Thanks for taking the time to look at our church website, and getting to know us a little bit better. My wife Dana and I, have five wonderful children, two grandchildren, and I absolutely love being a devoted family man.

I was raised in the Big Bear mountains of California, and as a result, I also have a great love for the outdoors, and enjoy that lifestyle very much. At the age of 16, I trusted Jesus Christ as my savior, and began my life’s journey as a Christian. It has truly been an incredible blessing, to follow the Lord, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

As a US Army veteran, I am a patriot at heart. God, Country, and Family have been the primary focus of my entire adult life. It is my sincerely held conviction, that America needs God, now more than ever. Christ is the answer!

Being the pastor here at MVBC is an amazing honor, and every day I am grateful for the privilege of serving the Lord with such wonderful people. It has been a joy to see how the Lord is so faithful, and that he blesses the people who put Him first. I encourage you to make Jesus your highest priority, and hope to see you in church very soon.

If you would like to know more about how to have your sins forgiven, and making Jesus YOUR savior, simply click here.

God Bless You,

Daren T. Dilts, Pastor


Chase Carpenter

Assistant Pastor
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Thanks for taking the time to look around our website. It has been a blessing, to be a member of Mountain View Baptist Church, since 2012.

I met my beautiful wife Autumn, at a Bible college in Iowa, and we are now blessed with two active and fun-loving children.

In fact, I grew up in a little town, in southeastern Iowa, and it was in church there, at the age of 11, that I trusted Jesus Christ as my Savior, and found in Him, the best friend of my life. I also have a passion for history, and teaching.

As a teenager, I dedicated my life to serve the Lord, and went on mission trips, and to bible college, to prepare my life for His ministry. In 2012, God moved me to Mountain View Baptist Church, where I have the wonderful privilege of serving the families here, and spreading the Gospel to the High Desert, with them.

MVBC is a great church family of Bible focused believers. All have unique testimonies, of how God has blessed them, and it is a joy to worship the Lord, with them. I hope you will join us, to worship Lord Jesus Christ together.

Timothy Garton

Assistant Pastor
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I appreciate you taking the time to browse through the information about our Church. I’ve been a member at Mountain View Baptist Church since 2010.

I enjoy getting involved in the various ministries we have here at MVBC and am currently serving as the Music Director, as well as, heading up our fabulous Bus Ministry. I was blessed in 2018 to be offered a position as an Assistant Pastor under the leadership of our Pastor, Daren Dilts.

Mountain View Baptist Church is very special to me as it is the Church that God really started to use me for His purpose. I was privileged also to have met my wife, Natalie, here and it has been a blessing to serve along side such a godly woman. We endeavor to make the ministries God has entrusted to us Christ honoring. We also hope to exhort others to do all they can for the cause of Christ.

I hope to see you real soon and I pray that Mountain View Baptist Church is a blessing to you and your family.